Five passenger cars burned, four locomotives damaged on Donetsk Railways

The railway infrastructure, administrative buildings and equipment necessary for operations and repair work was destroyed at the stations of Ilovaisk, Avdiyivka, Donetsk and Donetsk-Pivnichny due to fighting on August 31.

According to the main headquarters for security, no railroad workers were injured.

Company CEO Borys Ostapiuk ordered the urgent restoration of the industry's infrastructure.

"The subdivisions of Donetsk Railways are continuously, including during combat operations, working where possible, and where it is impossible they carry out checks. The problem is that some objects can hardly be approached, there is no possibility to carry out repair work - it's dangerous," the company said.

In general, according to live data, as a result of the fighting there were about 400 unauthorized interventions in the work of railway infrastructure. About 190 damaged facilities of Donetsk, Pivdenna and Prydniprovska Railways remain destroyed, others were rebuilt by the railways.