Ukrzaliznytsia is launching a conceptual prototype of its new website

Ukrzaliznytsia has launched the prototype of the Company’s webpage. Its lay out corresponds the new corporate style. The site is customized for all devices and accessible to visually impaired persons. The site URL is

Marcin Celejewski, the member of the Management Board and the supervisor of the project, informed that fully functional webpage and other relevant resources of the Company will be developed based on the unveiled prototype and the users’ feedback. “We are keen to create an integrated information portal for all UZ service users with friendly structure and navigation. All services will be clustered according to their positioning, with convenient feedback for users. We are confident our clients will appreciate Ukrzaliznytsia becoming more convenient and open for them, making big steps towards its users for better results”, noted Marcin Celejewski.

He also added that the new site has very convenient fully operational module for tickets purchase. “This option is the most popular among the site users that’s why it is on the homepage,” stated Marcin Celejewski.

Ukrzaliznytsia’s IT-specialists executed all types of work for the site development. English version of the site will be also available along with other modules on key projects, competitions and the repository to accumulate relevant documents of the Company.

Ukrzaliznytsia is also planning to launch portals for passengers, freight operators, operator for electrical energy distribution, the center of electronic keys certification and the UZ careers portal. “All these pages will have the same design pattern, and will support creating personal cabinets at the marketplace platforms,” added Marcin Celejewski.

Ukrzaliznytsia encourages users to test a new site, evaluate its navigation and convenience, design and customized decisions. Сomments and suggestions are highly welcome and can be sent to UZ by e-mail