Statement of the Chairman of Supervisory Board of JSC “Ukrainian railways” Sevki Acuner

I learned with regret that our CEO Yevgen Kravtsov took the decision to pursue his public service in a different role and thus to allow an opportunity for a new and equally strong leadership at UZ to steer the Company to the new phase of its development.

Yevgen has played a key role in rescuing UZ from the troubles it was in two years ago and helped establishing Corporate Governance at UZ. He has also been a genuine team player all along with the Supervisory Board and the Shareholder.

Recently, the level of criticism leveled at UZ has been intense. We always welcome objective criticism at UZ and take it into account. It is important however, for making progress at the institution, that criticisms highlight the shortcomings and needed improvements at UZ in a constructive way, and not just aim to blame or destruct, and disregard areas of progress. Going forward, we will bring further improvements to our communication channels and platforms with stakeholders to listen more closely to constructive and well-intended criticism.

Thanks to Yevgen, his Management team and the commitment of our employees, UZ is strong and well positioned to shape and implement the transformation necessary in preparing for the new market and regulatory structures. 

I wholeheartedly thank Yevgen for all what he has done for UZ and wish him every success in the new endeavors he will be undertaking.

The independent Supervisory Board will ensure management continuity at UZ for the CEO position in a transparent manner and on a competitive basis.


Sevki Acuner

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

JSC “Ukrainian Railways”