“Ukrainian Railways intends to purchase another 40 GE locomotives in 2020,” Yevhen Kravtsov

JSC “Ukrainian railways” together with the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine signed a memorandum of intent with Wabtec (GE Transportation) on the acquisition of 40 additional General Electric locomotives. Contracts for the delivery of 40 new General Electric TE33AC locomotives in 2020 and the provision of maintenance services for 70 such locomotives.

“We plan to get 40 General Electric locomotives in 2020. An urgent need to add new rolling stock of Ukrainian Railways should be nevertheless met on favorable and acceptable conditions for Ukraine,” stated Vladyslav Kryklii, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

“My task was to accelerate the process of negotiation for service maintenance of locomotives and to ensure the most favorable conditions for Ukraine. General Electric, jointly with our financial partners, presented acceptable conditions. “Now we are close to these conditions and preparation of the project documentation. Another important point is to ensure increasing of localization of production in Ukraine. We are also discussing this,” Minister Vladyslav Kryklii stated.

“The process of 40 GE locomotives acquisition has been launched. We plan to receive the first of them in 2020,” Chairman of the Board of “Ukrainian railways” Yevhen Kravtsov wrote recently on his Facebook page. According to him, the new rolling stock will significantly improve the operation of the diesel locomotive traction and the overall operations of the company.

The Chairman of the Board Yevhen Kravtsov also said that “the first batch of 30 GE locomotives is already operating successfully and is demonstrating its effectiveness, performing about 20% of all freight work. We saved about UAH 100 million on fuel due to GE locomotives in 2019, according to our estimation”.

On February 23, 2018 the following agreements were signed: the Agreemnt on supply of diesel locomotives between JSC Ukreximbank and General Electric; and the Financial leasing agreement between JSC “Ukrainian railways” and JSC Ukreximbank for 30 diesel locomotives manufactured by GE.