“Ukrainian Railways will build a Euro-track and receive trains from Europe next year,” Yevhen Kravtsov

The combined 1520/1435 mm track from Mostys'k to Lviv will open new opportunities for passengers and enhance the transport and tourist potential of Ukraine. UZ is planning to build it next year.


 “3.5 hours to Krakow from Lviv by high-speed train. I know this has been said for the last 10 years. But we will do it in a year. I did not announce it in advance but today I saw that the project, which had been only on paper so far. It is realising In a year Ukrainians will be able to get direct high-speed connection from the center of Lviv to Krakow, Prague, Vienna,” commented Evhen Kravtsov on his Facebook profile.

According to Evhen Kravtsov, thanks to this solution, trains departing from Europe will be able to reach Lviv, namely the Sknyliv railway station, without any time to replace the carts. “For several years our trains have been plying to Przemysl. This station has become a popular railway hub between Ukraine and other European countries in Poland. The construction of an adjacent track from the border with Poland will allow Sknyliv station to be an international railway hub,” stated the Chairman of Ukrainian Railways company. He also said that the Sknyliv station was chosen to avoid overloading in the Lviv station which is used by almost all domestic trains. “Unfortunately, Ukraine has different widths of railway tracks with neighboring countries in the West. It is impossible to replace our track with European one because it will cost billions of dollars. Instead, we are looking for other options for infrastructure integration. And this is one of them. I am sure it will be the largest infrastructure project in the west of Ukraine,” summarized Yevhen Kravtsov.

In addition, for the convenience of passengers, Ukrainian Railways is going to launch an express train between Sknyliv, the airport, and the city central train station.

Mostyska II-Lviv station is a part of the Cretan International Transport Corridor No. 3 (Berlin-Wroclaw-Lviv-Kiev). At present, the 1520 track runs from Ukraine to Przemysl (Poland), the Euro-track from Przemysl to Mostiska I (Ukraine).