About two weeks required to restore railway bridge in Zaporizhia region

A single-track railway bridge on the 252nd km of the Orekhivska-Mala Tokmachka section (Zaporizhia region), which was damaged in a blast caused by unknown persons on the night from June 23 to June 24 this year, is expected to be restored in two weeks.

Under preliminary estimates, the cost of new bridge spans of the overpass will be a minimum of UAH 3 million, and their installation will cost the same sum.

As reported, movement of trains on the Orekhivska-Mala Tokmachka has been closed since June 24, 2014. Passenger trains Nos. 569/570 Kharkiv-Berdiansk-Kharkiv, No. 211/212 Moscow-Berdiansk-Moscow and 471/472 Dnipropetrovsk-Kryvy Rih-Berdiansk-Dnipropetrovsk are running on an altered route through Zaporizhia, Fedorivka, Velyky Tokmak, and Berdiansk until the bridge is restored.

This is not the first railway bridge damaged since the end of May this year. Due to the destabilization of the situation in the eastern region, the number of cases of tampering with rail transport has increased.