How one can get from station A to station B?

We suggest to use train schedule on site 
or on page 


If there is an opportunity to get on site of Ukrzaliznytsya information about ticket price and availability of free seats on all trains that run through Ukraine?

Service is carried out on site


Telephone of ticket reservation 050. I have dialed this number from Kyiv landline phone number  during 3 hours with several minutes intervals. The number is constantly busy.

You can order travel documents by phone in Kyiv: +38(044)503-60-50, +38(044)4651917.


How many days in advance one can buy a ticket?

In 30 days.


About suburban train schedule

On page "Commuter train schedule" references on corresponding web-sites of Ukrainian railways are given


What documents should be given and where should one apply to use freight transportation railway services? What should one have for making an agreement of freight transportation organization?

In order to use freight transportation railway services one should apply to railway administration, where the transportation will be accomplished. They are situated in Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, and Donetsk. Postal addresses are given on the first page of this site.

List of documents, given to the railway administration for making an agreement on freight transportation organization and carrying out of calculations for transportation and services rendered:

  1. Certificate of State Registration (re-registration) of a commercial entity;
  2. Certificate of State Registration in Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine (USREOU, ukr. EDRPOU);
  3. Statute  (regulations) of enterprise or organization;
  4. Order (decision) on creation, reorganization or liquidation of enterprise or organization;
  5. Certificate of State Registration of value-added taxpayer;
  6. Report of a bank on opening (closing) an account.

For deciding a question you can also apply to the nearest railway station.

Can one carry in passenger trains small pets?

One can, but you should pay for your pet as for 20 kg of luggage, apart from having personal luggage. Registration of transportation is fulfilled with luggage receipt with sign on the front Luggage on hand of passenger.

Small domestic animals and birds should be put in boxes, baskets, cages and be placed free on seats, given for personal luggage, or be held in one’s arms or under the passenger’s seat.


What discounts can get children?

According to Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of 28.07.2004 №976 „On establishment of a preferential tariff on children transportation by rail transport” free pass for children up to 6 years (with an adult passenger, without having a separate seat) and according to tariff amounting 75% of the overall cost of ticket (full ticket and reserved seat ticket cost) – for children at the age of 6 to 14 years was determined. Discounts for using rail transport by students elder than 14 years were not determined by legislation.


What are the terms and conditions of payment in case of insurance event while using rail transport?

Nowadays near 15 insurance companies realize compulsory personal accident insurance of passenger on the rail transport.

Concluding of insurance policy is realized according to Act of Ukraine "On insurance" and Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 14.08.1996 № 959 "On approval of regulation on compulsory personal accident insurance on the rail transport ".

Insurance company, that is responsible behind the insured, is stated on the policy travel ticket. The address, insurance company telephone and the size of       insurance tariff are stated there. Therefore one should appeal for compensation namely to insurance company, and not to  Ukrzaliznytsya.

Insurable events, according to above-mentioned Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine are:

а) death of insured as a result of accident on railway;
b) sustaining an injury by insured as a result of accident on railway if he is acknowledged as a disabled;
c) temporary incapacitation as a result of accident on railway.

If accidents, mentioned in subparagraphs a), b), c) this paragraph, took place as a result of wrongful or wilful acts of the insured, they are not considered as insurable and          insurance sum is not paid.

Consideration of applications on compensation for damage taken place on rail transport is carried out by insurance companies that realized insurance.


How first medical aid is rendered in passenger trains?

Maintenance of passenger trains by medical person is not provided. Instead, each coach is provided with first aid kit, in addition there is an emergency sealed kit in the staff carriage. In emergencies one should apply to conductor, who will inform a trainmaster who can by radio call an ambulance that will wait for sick person on the nearest station.


What temperature should be in a coach?

Sanitary regulations on the railway state that coaches should be heated under the ambient temperature (+10°С) and lower. Temperature in winter should be maintained (+18 - +22), in summer – (+22 - + 26°С).


What free services can have a right preferential passenger categories on?

Ukrzaliznytsya gives bed-clothes and tea in trains to disabled war veterans, including veterans of the Great Patriotic War and combatants. List of preferential passenger categories, who have a right on free-of-charge use of bed-clothes in train, are determined by the legislation and are fixed. Please, pay your attention that the order of giving of bed-clothes in trains to passengers of above-mentioned preferential categories has changed.

This service is applied to luxury trains on conditions that the passenger will give corresponding documents (see lower).

This March a new order of realization of given service is established. Henceforth during travel documents registration in the railway booking office veterans should obligatory get a check on free-of-charge use of bed-clothes. Still namely this check, and not a travel document, as earlier, is a base for free-of-charge use of bed-clothes in train by passenger- beneficiary. In order to get bed-clothes free a passenger-beneficiary should show to a conductor a check, drawn in railway booking office.

If a passenger does not have an above-mentioned check, bed-clothes is given according to the standard procedure.


Student’s travel privilege. Student cards ISIC.

According to Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 24.12.2007 №1403 "On cancellation of acts of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, which action was stopped by decree of the President of Ukraine ", discount for travel is given to students during the year.
According to Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of April,5, 1999 №541 and passenger, luggage, cargo-luggage and post railway transportation rules of Ukraine, approved by order of Ministry of Transport and Communications of 27.12.2006 №1196, students buy tickets for half-price in general and second-class sleeping coaches, coaches of second and third classes of all train categories and all coach types of luxury electric-diesel-trains for travelling in suburban and inter-city trains.
The standards of student cards are determined by the order of Ministry of Education and Science of 10.12.2003 "On approval student’s and pupil’s cards of national standards" (with alterations, filed by the Order of Ministry of Education and Science of 28.09.2004)


Children’s and adult’s travelling abroad. What documents, except passport are required for border crossing?

Ukrzaliznytsya is not authorized to give consultations on document preparation for border crossing. Ukrainian railways do not bear responsibility for non-fulfillment of passport- administrative and other regulations.
Concerning this question you should apply to authoritative body - Border services of Ukraine or the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.


Travel registration for children through Ukraine and beyond its bounds.

Through Ukraine. In accordance with passenger, luggage, cargo-luggage and post railway transportation rules of Ukraine a child under 6 years is transported with an adult passenger free of charge without buying a ticket. When travelling of more children under 6 years a passenger has to buy additionally half-free ticket on every child, except the one.
For travelling of a child at the age of 6 to 14 years a passenger has to buy a half-free ticket, that gives a right for fare on level with adult passengers. Children under 14 years are allowed to travel in suburban trains with accompanying of adults.
The cost of discounted fare for children at the age of 6 to 14 years makes 75 per cent of the cost of an adult passenger ticket (full ticket).

Outside the country (CIS). According to "Compilation of standard acts on railway passenger transportation through CIS countries and Baltic states " sec. 8: "One ought to buy child’s travel documents at the age of 5 to 10 years. Children under  10 years without adults are forbidden to travel."


How to order a ticket?

The order of ticket booking has not changed yet. Order office telephone in Kyiv 5036-050. When booking seats applicant pays only the cost for booking service. As earlier the tickets could be ordered maximum – for 45 days, minimum – for 1 day.


How much does ordinary bed-cloths on the Ukrainian railway cost?






















Now a passenger at will can pay together with the ticket cost of bed-clothes at the ticket office.


Where and how can one send luggage?

Luggage is accepted in luggage compartment, as a rule, not earlier than a day before the train dispatch it should be sent with.

Luggage could be accepted on the ground of travel document to the station mentioned in it or stations, situated in the range of end-station suburban zone, if it is opened for accepting and delivery of luggage. If a passenger goes to the station, closed for luggage delivery, he/she can register the luggage to the nearest station of luggage delivery, even if it is situated outside travel line of the passenger.


What to do with the ticket, if a passenger missed the train?

If a passenger missed train in personal reasons, he would get the cost of the travel document minus reserved seat cost, commission fee for getting a ticket and commission fee for its returning, not later than 1 hours after train dispatch.

In cases of cancellation of the train, stated in travel document, or its delay from the point of dispatch of the passenger more than 1 hour, failure to providing a seat to a passenger, stated in travel document, passenger’s being late on train from transfer point through railway’s fault and refusal of passenger to use other seats or train, for returning payments a passenger should show travel documents to a duty assistant of stationmaster or to a person, who accomplishes his duties, to make a note.

On basis of this note a cashier pays to a passenger the overall cost of travel document, including payments for sale services. Service fee (commission fee) of returning a travel document is not drawn.


Can one transport his/her personal car?

Today 3 coaches- car-carriers run through Ukrainian as a part of high-speed day trains „Dnipropetrovs’k-Kyiv”, „Kyiv-Kharkiv”, „Kyiv-Simferopol”. Passengers, following these routes, has an opportunity  to carry their cars in specially equipped coach. Cost of such service in general amounts to 300 - 400 grn. Coaches- car-carrier is able to carry 8 motor cars in one trip.

How much of the cost of travel document could be returned if it is given back before the train dispatch?

If a passenger refuses from trip in personal reasons on time:
not less than  24 hours before the train dispatch, he will get the whole cost of the ticket and the reserved seat;

from 24 to 6 hours before the train dispatch, he will get the whole cost of the ticket and 50 % of cost of reserved seat;
less than 6 hours before the train dispatch, but no more than 3 hours from its dispatch – the cost of the ticket is paid, and cost of reserved seat is not paid.


Can one re-register a travel document?

If free seats are available a passenger can re-register travel document on train, that sets off earlier, in coach of higher or lower category or realize seat exchange, stated in travel document, for places of any coach of the same category. Re-registration is made only on dispatch station of train and not earlier than 24 hours before the dispatch of train, which the re-registration is made on.


In what cases commission fee is not added to the cost of travel document?

Service fee for travel documents registration is not drawn, if fare (the cost of ticket and reserved seat) is lower than its double size.


Does a passenger has an opportunity to buy travel document not with a passport?

Can lost travel documents be renewed?

Lost travel documents can not be renewed. Damaged travel documents (wet, teared, burnt etc), by which trip information cannot be detected, are considered to be invalid and are not renewed.


Can a conductor refuse in giving a seat, if it was sold two travel documents for one seat?

In cases of incorrect travel document registration by booking office or giving of travel document without availability of free seats in coach, selling two travel documents for one seat trainmaster and conductor must permit a passenger in a coach and take measures for giving him/her a seat in a coach.


What to do, if travel documents were left at seer-off?

If travel documents of a passenger after train dispatch were left at seer-off, the last should return it immediately, and no longer than 1 hours since the train dispatch,  to the stationmaster, who at the expense of seer-off gives a telegram (telephone message) to a trainmaster or a stationmaster en route, where new documents can be given.


What information is typed on travel document?

An example of travel document:

050 ЛА 07.11 17.03 05 К 00040.28 00037.13 01 ПОВНИЙ
МIСЦЯ 015 # П-З
МЗ 530249 ЖЖ7 Н1 0246700 260908 1016 КК03К16 /22-4028Н/Н
             IПН: 047130326141

050 ЛА – number and path of train;
07.11 – date and month of passenger’s dispatch;
17.03 – time of dispatch;
05 – coach number;
К (або О, П, Л) – coach category, compartment (respectively general, second-class sleeping, sleeping car);
00040.28 – cost of ticket, grn. (ticket is part of travel cost, changed depending on coach and train category, that compensates expenses on coach transfer);
00037.13 – cost of reserved seat, grn. (reserved seat – is part of travel cost, changed depending on coach and train category, that compensates expenses on travel preparation and coach service);
01 – number of people;
ПОВНИЙ – type of document (can be also free of charge - БЕЗКОШТ, preferential - ПІЛЬГОВ, half-price - ДИТЯЧИЙ);
(2218240-2200001) – codes of dispatch and arrival station;
ШВИДКИЙ ФIРМ – train (coach) category;
МIСЦЯ 015 – seat number;
П-З – railway-owner of coach (in this case– Southwestern);
530249 ЖЖ7 Н1 0246700 260908 1016 КК03К16 /22-4028Н/Н – message line;
IПН: 047130326141 – individual            tax identification number of transporter;
Г-111.06ГРН – travel document overall cost;
ТАР.77.41 – tariff  (ticket + reserved seat);
СП.8.33 – services (bed-clothes  excluding VAT);
ПДВ.17.16 – value-added tax;
СТР.1.16 –   insurance fee;
КЗБ.7.00 – commission fee;
УП З БIЛИЗНОЮ – note, that bed-clothes is paid;
ПРИБУТТЯ 08.11 В 06.17 – date, time of dispatch on end-station;
СТР.ВІД Н/В 3000НЕОП.МІН.ЗАТ СК"РАРИТЕТ"КИЇВ В.ЖИТОМИРСЬКА,15 Т2234124 – information on accident insurance, insurance company address.